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I Remember
Susan Winters

I remember you as a baby.
My first born,
Your curly red hair,
Your toothless smile
Your bear -hugs for Mommie.
My Pride and My Joy!

I remember you as a child.
Your love for life.
Your constant reading about
And playing "Army Man".
Such interest in the military you had!
My pride and My Joy!

I remember you as a teenager
Always striving for physical perfection.
Increasing you military knowledge.
Always reading...always planning.
Planning and reading about the Army.
Your Pride...Your future! My Pride...My Joy!

I remember you as a man
Working hard to succeed.
To be the best RANGER you could be.
Always pushing yourself and others.
Always giving more than necessary.
Your Pride..My Pride Your Joys..My Joys

I remember the day you died
Doing what you loved.
Leading from the front.
All your dreams shattered.
Your life just stopped.
My Pride...taken away
My sadness
I remember you most of all with love

..... Mom

Written in loving memory of Sergeant Franklin Dennis Winters by his mother.

May we never forget the sacrifices made by our military forces, whether in be in war or in peace.