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Caleb Swan
Paymaster General, United States Army
Maine State Flag
American Revolution Veteran. He died in 1809 and was originally buried in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery in Washington, D.C. His remains were moved to Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery in a ceremony which took place on May 12, 1892.

Caleb Swan, of Massachusetts, was appointed Paymaster of the Army on May 8, 1792, and continued in the office until the 30th of June, 1808.

Caleb Swan, soldier, born in Maine; died in Washington, D. C., 20 November, 1809. He became an ensign in the 4th Massachusetts Continental infantry, 26 November, 1779, and was afterward transferred to the 8th infantry, which in 1784 became part of the 1st American regiment of infantry. On 8 May, 1792, he was appointed paymaster-general of the United States army, which post he held until his resignation on 30 June, 1808. He wrote "Some Account of the Northwestern Lakes of America" (1798).

Caleb Swan Gravesite PHOTO

Caleb Swan Gravesite PHOTO
Photos Courtesy of Ron Williams

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