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In honored remembrance of these seven members of the United States Marine Corps, who were killed in the Republic of Vietnam when their LTV exploded on 26 January 1969.*

They all rest together in Section 46 of Arlington National Cemetery.

* E-Mail: March 2005: (I served with Kilo 3/26 on Operation Bold Mariner in January, 1969 and witnessed the explosion that took the lives of the 7 Marines buried at Arlington beneath the headstone in the photograph.  As I have always understood it, and as the last text of the web site indicates, the line charge they tried to fire detonated prematurely while still coiled within the vehicle.  They did not strike a landmine, although they were many landmines in the area.  The village of Mi Lai (sp?) is located less than 1 mile south of the point where the explosion took place. I have seen film of the same device being used successfully in Iraq and Kuwait.  It took the lives of 7 Marines who died in Vietnam to make it safe for others to use the device in another war.Charles Cammack

Purple Heart Medal
Charles Anthony Brezinski
Corporal, United States Marine Corps
Charles A. Brezinksi Vietnam Wall Rubbing
New York State Flag
Robert Lee Johnson
Sergeant, United States Marine Corps
Robert Lee Johnson Vietnam Wall Rubbing
New York State Flag
Marvin Cook, Jr.
Captain, United States Marine Corps
Marvin Cook, Jr. Vietnam Wall Rubbing
Arkansas State Flag
Russell Lloyd Equi
Second Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps
Robert L. Equi Vietnam Wall Rubbins
Connecticut State Flag
Martin Joseph Gimbert
Corporal, United States Marine Corps
Martin J. Gimbert Vietnam Wall Rubbing
Virginia State Flag
Bradley Eugene Suchka
Corporal, United States Marine Corps
Bradley Eugene Suchka Vietnam Wall Rubbing

Brad was survived by his loving family, including his mother, Donna L. Travis, lives in Crittenden County, Kentucky; his brother, Michael W. Travis, currently residing at Scott AFB, Illinois; his brother, Robert Suchka, who also served in Vietnam with the Army and currently lives in Southern California; his brother, William L. Travis, who resides in Scipio, Indiana; and his sister, Kathy Morris, who lives in Crittenden County, Kentucky.

Brad enlisted in the Marines in the July 1967 and completed his training for Amphibian
Crewman on 28 September 1967.  He started his tour of Vietnam on February 17, 1968.  At 10:50 AM on January 26, 1969, the amphibian tractor that Brad was on was conducting a mine clearing operation twelve miles south of Chu Lai, in Quang Ngai Province, Republic of Vietnam.  The tractor fired a demolition line charge which detonated prematurely, destroying the tractor and killing all seven men aboard instantly.

Bradley Eugene Suchka

 Courtesy of Brad's Brother, Michael Travis

Indiana State Flag
Stanley Harold Newman
Corporal, United States Marine Corps
Stanley H. Newman Vietnam Wall Rubbing
Florida State Flag

LTV Crew Gravesite PHOTO June 2003

Photo By M. R. Patterson, 27 June 2003

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