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The Seven
by Glenn Lee LaRocque
Let the call go out today
For seven souls to stand,
Upon the brink of tomorrow
In Godís majestic hand.
In them, we saw ourselves
As the best that we could be.
We saw them fall out of the sky
And land in a troubled sea.
We looked for them,
Knowing they had died.
We searched the bottom of the sea.
We fought the changing tide.
We brought them back, unto the beach,
To hold them close once more,
To give in death, that praise of life
That we could give no more.
Now the haze of grief has lifted
And there before our eyes,
Stand seven more upon the beach
Their dreams upon the sky.

About twelve years ago I wrote a poem about the Challenger Disaster,
I would be honored if you would post it on the Arlington Web poetry site.
Glenn Lee LaRocque, July 2004