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Omer O. Niergarth
Brigadier General, United States Air Force
Michigan State Flag
Courtesy of Michael Stein:

Brigadier General, United States Air Force

Second Lieutenant (Aviation Section, Signal Corps) November 27, 1917
Second Lieutenant (Air Service) July 1, 1920
First Lieutenant July 1, 1920
Captain (Temporary) October 2, 1929
Captain June 16, 1936
Major October 1, 1938
Lieutenant Colonel (Temporary) March 11, 1940
Colonel (AUS) January 9, 1941
Lieutenant Colonel February 4, 1941
Colonel (Temporary) November 15, 1941
Colonel (AUS) February 1, 1942
Brigadier General (USAF)

Student, Air Corps Engineering School 1931
Student, Army Industrial College 1931-32
Student, Air Corps Tactical School 1937-38

Omer O. Niergarth, Brigadier General, United States Air Force
19 January 1893-20 January 1964
World War I
World War II
Legion of Merit With Oak Leaf Cluster
Air Medal
Arlington National Cemetery: Section 34

General Niergarth was born at Reed City, Michigan, and attended Michigan State University.  He entered military service as a Second Lieutenant in 1917 with the Aviation Section of the Army Signal Corps.

Prior to World War II, he served as Chief of the U. S. Air Mission to Chile, where he remained until October 1943.  During theremainder of the waqr, he served in the China-Burma-India Theater. 

He was named Assistant Chief of Staff of the Pacific Air Command in 1947 and served in that role for two years before returning to Washington where he remained until his retirement from active duty.

In 1951 he received in Business Administration from Harvard University/

He marrie Edith Howard

 Paula Lucy Delosh, November 2006

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Legion of Merit

Air Medal