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My Walk Through Arlington

By Donald H. Newton, Gunnery Sergeant, US Marine Corps (World War II)

I've come here again today to say good-bye,
As unseen birds do sing nearby.

I don't come here too often, since it's not in my hometown.
But a more peaceful place, I have not found.

They have tours and buses here today,
But a walk along through the hills and trees is really the only  true way.

I've been here on  cold wintery days,
And in summer when thankful for the tress's shade.

There is no one here to talk to, but I still do.
Some I've only heard of, but others I truly knew.

I've just about been around this old world or ours,
And have seen some wonderful peaceful places.
And my memories are filled with great friends,
I can still hear their voices and see their  faces.

That's why, whenever the chance I get, its to here I come,
And take my walk through Arlington.