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Louis Syzmanski
Private, United States Army
Three Soldiers Killed in Russia to Be Buried at Arlington

WASHINGTON, December 4, 1929 - The bodies of three American soldiers, which for ten years had lain in the frozen soil of the Archangel front of Northern Russia, arrived here this morning and were taken to Fort Myer, Virginia.  There they will rest in vaults until Thursday, when they will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The bodies were those of members of the force sent into Russia in 1918.

Those of Elmer E. Speicheg, Cook of Company C, 339th Infantry, and Louis Syzmanski, a Private in the same company, were brought here at the request of their next of kin.  The third was that of James T. Ida, Private in the 337th Ambulance Corps, who was a native of Japan.

Posted: 24 September 2007
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