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Joseph Payson Wright
Colonel, United States Army
Pennsyvlania State Flag
Joseph Payson Wright of Pennsylvania
Appointed from Pennsylvania, Assistant Surgeon, 28 May 1861
Major, Surgeon, 28 July 1866
Lieutenant Colonel, Surgeon, 23 April 1889
Colonel, Assistant Surgeon General, 16 May 1894
Brevetted Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel 13 March 1865 for faithful and meritorious services during the war
Died 8 October 1900

Colonel Joseph Payson Wright, Assistant Surgeon General of the United States Army, died suddenly Monday night at his home in Washington in the sixty-fourth year of his age.  Interment will be in the National Cemetery at Arlington.

Colonel Wright was a native of Pennsylvania.  He served throughout the Civil War as an Assistant Surgeon and received three brevet commissions for faithful and meritorious services.  After the war, he entered the Regular Army with the rank of Captain and Assistant Surgeon and rose steadily to the rank of Colonel.

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