Israel W. Little
Fireman, United States Navy
District of Columbia (Washington, DC) Flag
Born at Washington, D.C. on February 21, 1837, he earned 
the Medal of Honor while serving aboard the USS Richmond on March 14, 1863, during the Civil War. He was also known as "John Rush" and was known in the Navy by that name.

He died on April 29, 1916 and was laid to rest in Section 17 of Arlington National Cemetery.


Rank and organization: First Class Fireman, U.S. Navy. Born: 1835 Washington, D.C. Accredited to: District of Columbia. G.O. No.: 17, 10 July 1863. 


Serving on board the U.S.S. Richmond in the attack on Port Hudson, 14 March 1863. Damaged by a 6_inch solid rifle shot which shattered the starboard safety_valve chamber and also damaged the port safety valve, the fireroom of the Richmond immediately became filled with steam to place it in an extremely critical condition. Acting courageously in this crisis, Rush persisted in penetrating the steam_filled room in order to haul the hot fires of the furnaces, and continued this action until the gravity of the situation had been lessened. 

Israel W. Little Gravesite PHOTO
Photo courtesy of Raymond L. Collins, 1990

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