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Edward Stephen Krukowski
Captain, United States Air Force
New York State Flag

ES Krukowski Vietnam Wall RUBBING

Edward Stephen Krukowski was born on October 30, 1938 and joined the Armed Forces
                   while in Beechhurst, New York.

He served in the United States Air force, and attained the rank of Captain (O2).

On October 24, 1964, at the age of 25, Edward Stephen Krukowski perished in the
                   service of our country in Cambodia.

In tribute to William E. Krukowski, who gave his life as a fireman in the World Trade center on Sept. 11, 2001. He was the nephew of United States Air Force Captain Edward S. Krukowski, who also gave his life to his country as a very early victim of the Vietnam War (1964). Captain Krukowski is buried at Arlington.

Posted: 22 July 2001 Updated: 9 February 2002 Updated: 10 July 2007
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