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From : "Elegy For A Dead Soldier"
(c) 1944 By Karl Shapiro

"The time to mourn is short that best becomes
 The military dead. 
We lift and fold the flag,

 Lay bare the coffin with its written tag,
 And march away. 
Behind, four others wait

 To lift the box, the heaviest of loads.
 The anesthetic afternoon benumbs,
 Sickens our senses, forces back our talk.
 We know that others on tomorrows roads
 Will fall, ourselves perhaps, the man beside,
 Over the world the threatened, all who walk:
 And could we mark the grave of him who died
 We could write this beneath his name and date:


Underneath this wooden cross there lies
 A Christian killed in battle.
You who read,

 Remember that this stranger died in pain;
 And passing here, if you can lift your eyes
 Upon a peace kept by human creed,
 Know that one soldier has not died in vain."