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Augustus Theodore Lewis
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps
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Thanks for your quick response.  I am happy to provide you with information on both my father and brother-in-law who were Marines buried in Arlington.

My father was Augustus Theodore Lewis born June 17, 1884.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps August 7, 1905 and retired July 1945 as a Lieutenant Colonel.  He died September 23, 1977 and was buried in Arlington (with my brother, Robert A. Lewis, who was an Army Lieutenant killed in Europe during WW II).

My brother-in-law was Odell Maurice Conoley (known as "Tex") born November 9, 1913.  He was commissioned in August 1935 and retired in May 1964 as a Brigadier General.  He died September 1, 1993 and was buried in Arlington.  He was awarded the Navy Cross and the Silver Star for actions on Guadalcanal and Cape Gloucester.

The Colonel's son, Robert Augustus Lewis, First Lieutenant, United States Army, was killed in action in World War II and is also at rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

I entered my Dad's data and a write-up in the Navy Memorial Log, as well as part of Tex's data.  If you want or need more for your web-site, please let me know. George Lewis (retired Navy)

Augustus Theodore Lewis

Posted: 25 February 2006