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Hallowed Grounds
By: Lisha Lander Hylton
June 2005

As I walk down the green, sloping hills
of Virginia,
On the hallowed grounds,
of our heroes from war;
In the fields that were home,
  to an old southern general,
Rest American soldiers, in the peace
they died for.

They gave their lives for our freedom, in Americas name.
Our heroes are gone, but their memories remain.
God has called them to His kingdom, now they rest in
  Honored glory;
From these hallowed grounds – we remember…
their  story.

As the wind softly blows through the trees
  on the hillsides,
Like a voice from the past, they
  whisper to me.
“As He died to make men holy, and give
   us salvation,
Let us live and let us die,
  to set Americans free.”

Tell me, how many wars will it take
  till we learn,
The treasures of freedom, the final
Blowing in the breeze, is the answer,
  to peace.
Among the graves of these proud countrymen.

As the sad, mourning cry of a
  whippoorwill fades,
I see in the distance, a tomb
  and a guard.
“Here rests in honored glory,
  an American soldier;
One who is known but to God.”

Entombed in the crypts and so often
On eagles bold wings, their souls
  will endure.
In war after war, their bodies
  lay shattered,
Resting now in The Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier.

In your own native land, lies your dust
  in the soil.
It’s fitting for your
  worthy grave.
The earth claims from wars, her most
  sacred souls,
The ashes of our courage and
  our brave.

Now live, eternal, you saints of
  our wars.
Dear as the blood that you
  willingly gave.
No footstep shall tread, on this
  reverent sod.
The heritage of our soldiers’
  holy grave.

And to those who are lost, and whose lives
  are uncertain,
In one final prayer, we
  silently make.
That their valor and virtue, for our country
  at war,
Be our hope for their glorious fate.

To those living today, giving lives
  for our freedom,
As they fight for The Land
  of the Free;
We will pray to our Lord, our Savior
  and Father,
“May God shed His loving Grace
upon Thee”.

As I gaze toward the sunset, as twilight
  creeps in,
Over thousands of graves, in the moon’s
  early light
Like fingers caressing, the heart
  of my soul;
I feel their voices whisper softly
  in the night.

Pleading, “Let there be peace, on earth,
  for mankind.
God, give us strength, give our world
Let the bells toll for freedom, let the stars and stripes
In the land of the brave and the home of
  The free!”

Hallowed Grounds

Dedicated to the men and women who are presently fighting for our country’s freedom, to those who have died defending our cause and those who have bravely fought for American freedom and are missing in action; and to my Dad, who taught me up to appreciate my country and honor those who have fought so bravely to defend her. I love you, Dad!

This song was written as a reflection after visiting Arlington National Cemetery.