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Arthur Aaron Zalk
Captain, United States Army
Submitted By Sol H. Zalk

Thank you for your interest in the history of my brothers activities in the service.

Arthur spent a few years stationed at the Foggie Air Field in Italy, during World War II, flying with the B 24 Bombers groups. Their Mission was to destroy the Poliskie Oil Fields in Central Europe. He completed his 52 Missions and after many "hair raising missions" returned to the States, to continue doing test piloting at the Mojave Desert Fields.

When the War was over he returned to College but was not happy with civilian life and after a year re-enlisted for regular Air Force Duty.

Then he was assigned to the Albuquerque, New Mexico Air Field as Group Leader Flying for the Strategic Bomb Command Units. These were the units that stayed up for days on end with the Atomic Bomb, being refueled in the air around the clock, just in case any one tried to attach us (Russia etc)

However, after many flights, on his last take-off, the hydraulic fuel suddenly leaked-out and the plane nose dived at the end of the field and his plane was demolished with all the crew aboard.

His wife Elsie was also in the service, where they met, and they were married at the end of the War. She was a secretary for the Quartermasters Group.  They had two children and lived in New York until his death.  Then she moved back to her Mother's house in Houston, Texas.

Well this is a little summery of his Military Services.  If you need more details, I can try to embellish the above, since he had many harrowing experiences in Europe etc.

Thank you again for your interest.
Sol H. Zalk, First Lieutenant, Transportation Corps (ret)

Zalk, Arthur Aaron
Born September 28, 1921
Died March 26, 1952
Captain, United States Army
Section 3, Grave 4512-B
Buried April 3, 1952
Test Pilot - Killed In a Crash
Zalk, Elsie Cretchmer

Born November 1, 1925
Died July 15, 1999
Residence: Houston, Texas
Section 3, Grave 4512-C
Buried July 27, 1999

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